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The district of Ballina extends over seven parishes within two counties; the County of Rous and the County of Richmond.

The parishes are Ballina, Bingal, Meerschaum, Newrybar, Pimlico, Tuckombil and South Ballina.


The County of Rous is bordered on the north by the Queensland border, on the south by the Richmond River (to Broadwater), and west to Kyogle. It is named after Captain Henry Rous who explored the Richmond River.

It contains the City of Lismore and the Shires of Tweed, Kyogle, Lismore, Ballina, Byron, and a portion of Richmond Valley. Within the County of Rous there are 75 parishes.

Seven of these are within the Ballina Shire and include the parishes of Ballina, Bingal (Wardell), Meerschaum, Newrybar, Pimlico and Tuckombil (

The County of Richmond is bordered on the north by the Richmond River, south to Tabbimoble, and west to Busbys Flat. It is named after Charles Gordon Lennox, the 5th Duke of Richmond and a friend of Henry Rous.

It contains the Shires of Richmond Valley, Clarence Valley and a small portion of Ballina. ​Within the County of Richmond there are 36 parishes. 

Only one of these parishes is within the Ballina Shire; South Ballina (,_New_South_Wales)

Old copies of county and parish maps are available for free to download from the NSW Local Land Registry website Parish and Historical Maps.

You will need to download them in order to read the information.

Often you can see changes in ownership between land over time, particularly rural lands.

Click on the images below to get more information on what is available for each county or parish. 

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